Lisa Wiley, Litigation Support Consultant, brings over 15 years of Training and Technical experience to her role including two years as an IT Trainer for a National Law Firm. She is certified in CaseLogistix, Law PreDiscovery and Summation and holds Adult Education and Technical Writing Certifications and is particularly interested in helping lawyers to access and use technology in a meaningful and streamlined way. Having worked in both a corporate and law firm environment, Lisa recognizes the unique needs of professionals as end users. She is highly adept at coordinating technology implementations and values teamwork as a critical component in any change management initiative. Lisa is directly involved in the delivery and development of our Professional Service Contracts and takes great pride in her ability to align the priorities and needs of our clients to the implementation at hand. Lisa has also played an active role in developing and rolling out eLearning solutions for organizations keen to set performance standards and build out their own internal knowledge-management capabilities.