Lawyer Project Leadership

The Evolution of Legal Project Management

ANNE GLOVER | Partner, Blakes
MARLON HYLTON | eDiscovery and IG Lawyer, McCarthy Tetraut/ Wortzmans
MONIQUE JILESEN | Partner, Lenczner Slaght
TIANA VAN DYK | Director Litigation Support, Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP
ANDREA WILLIAMS | VP Client Services, Commonwealth Legal

Over the past few years “Legal Project Management” has become a buzz word in practice management discussions. However, it has not been adopted as readily as hoped. Perhaps this is because lawyers are there to lead on case strategy, and not manage the logistics of a case. Gartner projects a 15% growth for the ediscovery industry annually, in large part due to the increasing volumes of litigation and regulatory investigation. Join us for this practical orientation to the baseline involvement, skills and expertise lawyers need to have in order to successfully lead their client through the eDiscovery and Review phases of their cases.

  • Gain insight into the art of delegating, while still being accountable for the end result.
  • Learn how to align and articulate the various options available to your case strategy in a proportional manner:
    • How can you leverage the options at hand to highlight the value of your legal expertise and the perceived value of the end deliverable to the client?
    • What guidelines can you draw on to budget a case out 18 months with minimal information?
    • What standard reports and metrics will help put your project on “autopilot”?
  • Uncover some effective “tips and ticks from the trenches” for getting the most out of your support team and service providers – and how to get them all working together optimally toward the same case objectives.

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Professionalism Hours