Security 101

What You Really Need to Know to Protect Your Data

KEVIN CROSBIE | Principle Security Architect, Symantec
| GM Legal Services, mindSHIFT Technologies, a Ricoh Company
CHRIS PLAUSCHINN | Sr. Director, Discovery Services, Commonwealth Legal
RICHARD WESSEL | eDiscovery Technology Consultant, Commonwealth Legal

The demands of discovery provide unique challenges for information security in the course of day-to-day business. Corporations and law firms are challenged to respond to legal demands while complying with their internal information security policies and procedures. This session will demonstrate real world examples of where your data could be at risk and what steps can be taken to avoid a security breach. Learn what questions to ask to address the common threats and risks that exist across industry technologies and practices. Speakers will provide a layperson’s guide to technical terms and highlight considerations for sensitive legal information.

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Professionalism Hours