Star Power

How to Be Unstoppable Through The Nine Star Social Values

MIKE LIPKIN | Founder and CEO, Environics/Lipkin

2015 will be a year of change and instability. It will also be a year of opportunity and reconstruction. It will surprise and shock us, while it thrills and delights us. Every day will test our resolve and resourcefulness. Almost all of us will survive it in one way or another. But only the best will thrive.the best will thrive.

To thrive means, “to grow or develop vigorously.” It means winning in any situation. It’s a state of joy and fulfillment that enables one to achieve amazing results. Thriving people have the momentum and energy to bend circumstances to their will. They are the Stars that light up others’ lives.

Stars are driven by a set of core social values. Their styles and personalities may diverge sharply but their core social values are remarkably convergent.

Social values are the forces that drive us at the deepest level. They determine our attitudes, our feelings and our actions. They evolve slowly over time or they can shift suddenly in response to dramatic events.

Through his partnership with Environics, one of Canada’s leading research houses, and his personal interaction with over a million people, Mike Lipkin has identified the Nine Social Values that enable Stars to shine. They are:

  1. Personal Challenge
  2. Adaptive Navigation
  3. Full Expression
  4. Emotional Control
  5. Commitment to Health
  6. Uncommon Purpose
  7. Social Intimacy
  8. Global Denizen
  9. Financial Wellbeing

In this compelling program, Mike Lipkin will explore each of these defining Social Values with you. You will discover which ones you need to develop and how to do so. You will be inspired by Mike’s sparkling delivery. Most importantly, you will learn how to thrive in 2014 while you help everyone around you do the same.