The Transformation of Your Practice

Looking into the Crystal Ball

RALPH LOSEY, National eDiscovery Counsel, Jackson Lewis, P.C.

Big data and analytics are here to stay. This enlightening overview of the transformation of the world of discovery as we know it, is presented by seasoned litigator and well-known blogger, Ralph Losey, who brings humour, hands-on experience and insight to the ruminations and questions on the minds of industry leaders today.

Themes include:

  • The growing importance of electronic documents in all litigation, big and small
  • The new role of the lawyer: Steward? Custodian? Big Data Cop?
  • Will robots with artificial intelligence someday replace lawyers and judges – or at minimum change what they do?
  • What competencies and education will soon become standard?
  • What is the greatest strength and vulnerability of law firms in the next five years?
  • Why litigation support is still underutilized as a practice group
  • What effect will predictive coding will have on review approaches?
  • Predictions on the lifespan of the billable hour
  • What other unexpected outcomes should we be prepared for?