A Recipe for Review:
Efficiency, Data-Centricity, Transparency and Strategy

Belinda Burnett | Manager, Litigation Support, McCarthy Tétrault
Seth Magaw | Director of Ediscovery Client Services, Ricoh Americas Corporation
Andrea Williams | VP Technical Services, Commonwealth Legal

The review paradigm is evolving away from a technology-centric approach, toward a true alignment between people, process and technology with optimal results.

During this session, we will show you how to take your mastery of efficient review to the next level with practical insight into how the needs of the legal teams and reviewers intersect with a “data-centric” approach so that you can project manage your workflows with greater dimension and effectiveness.

What file types lend themselves better to linear review?
What is the impact of certain types of documents on review efficiency?
Which document types are best suited for TAR exercises?
How can you cross-reference data sets to enhance your insight, confidence and QC?

Review strategy can actually be enhanced by reconciling case strategy, data demographics, the reviewer resource pool and project time frames. You can move beyond analyzing the data by custodian, file type and concepts, and start to cross-reference the actual data within the collection.

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Substantive Hours

Thursday at 2:30 – 3:30pm
Laurentian III

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