David or Goliath

Managing Client Expectations About eDiscovery. We have over a decade of eDiscovery behind us, yet we still find challenges in managing costs and timelines and conveying the value of key decisions in the eDiscovery process. As the old adage goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. During this interactive session, learn the new metrics of eDiscovery and the accompanying strategies that will give you and your client more confidence in the eDiscovery process. Our panel of seasoned professionals will identify typical stumbling blocks, the realities and detours that impede the effective management of large, complex cases, how to anticipate variables and control the “controllables” to deliver greater value to your client.

Andrea Williams, VP, Technology & Emerging Solutions, Commonwealth Legal

Michael Truelove, Senior eDiscovery Engineer, Commonwealth Legal

Yvette Bula, Senior Director, Operations, Commonwealth Legal

Zoya Gorbachova, Director, Project Management Solutions, Commonwealth Legal