Litigation Support as a Viable Business Model

Setting Standards for Firm Budgets and Billable Hours

Tiana Van Dyk | Manager, Litigation Support and Ediscovery, Burnet Duckworth and Palmer LLP

Don’t reinvent the wheel on your business case for litigation support. During this interactive session, we will explore the pros and cons of litigation support in the new world of ediscovery.

What do you need to consider for outsourcing ediscovery entirely?  
And what is the role of Litigation Support in this resulting model?

We’ll help you uncover the key challenges you may face so that you can ask the questions that will help you formulate the model that is right for your firm. This includes setting realistic targets, determining appropriate thresholds that need to be in place, and harnessing your resources to create a viable disbursement model.

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Substantive Hours

Friday at 1:30 – 2:30pm
Laurentian III

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