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Since the days of providing transcripts using carbon copies, Neesons has continued to lead in the advancement of court reporting services by leveraging technology, innovation and hands-on experience. Our court reporters are professionally accredited to the highest standards and are complemented by the most technologically advanced equipment and delivery methods available. Neesons can master the most technical of cases – even the “exceptional” ones – with our innovative, workable, smart solutions.

  • Realtime services, both locally and remotely via streaming, using all relevant legal application software; rough draft included
  • Electronic exhibit presentation for trials, hearings, discoveries and arbitrations
  • Rough draft transcripts delivered at day’s end - even in Court
  • Daily/overnight/expedited transcripts
  • Exhibit-linking with transcripts upon request
  • Legal videography services
  • Authorized Court Transcriptionists (ACTs)

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