Software Usability and Its Impact on Document Review

ANTHONY COLAIZZO | Director, Acuity, FTI Technology
DAVID W. ROBINSON | Director, Solutions Architect FTI Technology

In a survey conducted by FTI Technology in 2013, 85% of respondents rated “ease-of-use” as “extremely important” when selecting e-discovery software. From fewer clicks, to better, more tightly integrated analytics, and finding the most critical documents first, the latest version of Ringtail is all about ease-of-use. In this session, you will learn and see how FTI has streamlined the Ringtail review experience through improved usability.

In addition to good, easy technology, lawyers  also need solid processes and review strategies. Otherwise, you’re sitting on a two legged stool. Our expert panelist has conducted hundreds of review projects globally using Ringtail and will demonstrate tips and strategies for collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective processes.

In this session you will gain a host of benefits, including:

  • Seeing the newest Ringtail with an emphasis on ease-of-use to support maximum reviewer productivity
  • Using analytics for faster and better awareness and understanding of key themes
  • Strategies for reducing the time and resources needed for review

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Professionalism Hours