Susan Wortzman

Founder, Wortzmans

Susan Wortzman is the founder of Wortzmans, a law firm based in Toronto, Ontario.

Susan’s practice focuses on providing legal and strategic advice involving e-discovery and information governance to law firms, corporations and government agencies. Prior to founding Wortzmans, Susan was a partner in one of Canada’s leading litigation firms.

Susan is a frequent lecturer on e-discovery, information governance and cyber-security issues. She has written several seminal papers concerning e-discovery and its impact on litigation in Canada. She has also chaired and participated in professional committees that have developed provincial and national guidelines for e-discovery. Susan is an active member of the Sedona Canada Working Group’s Steering Committee and is the past Chair of the Sedona Canada Working Group which developed national guidelines for e-discovery in Canada.

Susan is currently on the Board and Executive Committee of the Canadian Stage. Susan also co-chairs Art Toronto’s Opening Night Preview Gala. Susan is a long distance runner and enjoys participating in several races each year.