How Good Information Governance can Positively Impact Ediscovery

Chris Stapenhurst | National Architect, Information Intelligence Group, Veritas
Michael Mills | Information Governance Architect, Veritas

Most organisations have little idea what information they have, where it is, or why they keep it. But they keep it all. Forever. Everywhere.

Data Growth continues to accelerate and data fragmentation continues to move organisations from data centers to many sources of data. Without good information governance, organisations suffer increased risks, and an inability to get high value data in the hands of those that need it, when they need it. This impacts employee productivity, records management, privacy and security, IT efficiency and of course, ediscovery.

Fortunately, tools and processes exist today that can improve information governance and help answer key questions about your data such as; Who? What? Where? You can then take action on the results and ultimately streamline the ediscovery process by reducing costs, reducing time, and increasing efficacy.

This program contains 1 hr 0 min Substantive Hours

Friday at 12:30 – 1:30pm
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