Faster and Higher Quality Document Review Using Visualizations and Predictive Coding
3:00 - 3:50pm
Laurentian I

Often large data sets must be reviewed for compliance or production purposes. But that doesn’t mean the review should be painful or require a crowd of reviewers. Using predictive coding and visualization technologies you can accomplish more with less—Streamlining workflows, saving time and increasing the quality and consistency of your review.   By attending this session you will gain access to the latest in cutting edge review technologies and learn strategies for putting them into use. Armed with this information you can: rapidly identify non-responsive sets of documents for exclusion; learn how and when to use reduction strategies (e.g. test keywords versus predictive coding); and, leverage color coding to perform visual quality control for substance and consistency.

May Carpenter, Senior Solution Architect, FTI Technology

Anthony Colaizzo, Senior Director - Acuity, FTI Technology

Sponsored and Presented by FTI Consulting