We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Performing a Quick and Necessary Refresh on our Approach to Identification. Established in a simpler time, the standard approach to the data Identification methodology is arguably out of date and misaligned with the logic required for today’s less “tangible” elements of our information ecosystems. As more business systems move to the cloud and data is replicated across devices and mediums, there are fundamental gaps showing up in our approach and attitude towards the identification of evidence.  What is today’s standard? What is potentially being missed in using a traditional approach?
Join us to learn some basic practices to help you identify and weigh out the impact of excluding various sources – and be able to account for the risks being taken. This informal and interactive session will ask the questions you are afraid to ask, and walk away with peace of mind – and a better handle on your evidence.

John Young, Director, Information Governance, Commonwealth Legal

Richard Wessel, Discovery Technology Consultant, Commonwealth Legal