John Thacher
Director, eDiscovery Managed Review Services
Ricoh eDiscovery US

John Thacher has been working in e-Discovery for almost 15 years in a variety of settings with some of the most innovative firms and vendors in the industry.  He has managed well over 250 Review Projects with nearly 6,500 contract attorneys and over 100 Review Project Managers.  His direct experience includes multiple projects in Pharma, Healthcare, Anti-Trust, Insurance, Re-Insurance, Governmental Investigations (DOJ, SEC, FCC, FCPA, FTC, etc), Patent, Construction, Banking, Mortgage Backed Securities, Employment, and Bankruptcy.  John has a well developed expertise in the development of Managed Review Center solutions for Corporations, Firms and Vendors.  To date, he has helped implement Managed Review Centers in LA, NY, Atlanta, DC, Houston, Dallas, Wheeling, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland and Hartford.

John graduated with a joint JD/MBA from Albany Law School and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a focus on Technological Entrepreneurship.  He is barred in Connecticut and began his career as an Insurance Defense Attorney in Hartford logging many hours in the courtroom.  John also spent five years as an Assistant Professor of Management at Eastern Connecticut State University.  While at ECSU, he taught a wide variety of courses in Business Law, Strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship and Training and Development.

John’s deep commitment to competence-based Managed Review systems repeatedly produces high performance teams leading directly to rapid organizational growth and improved client retention.  He is noted for an unwavering focus on efficiency, process controls, and an ability to harness the most current technologies with advanced workflow design.  John consistently delivers some of the lowest cost and highest quality Managed Review solutions in the industry.  John is currently fully engaged in helping Ricoh clients find the right mix of risk management, defensibility, process controls, advanced workflow designs and the safe use of advanced technologies.