Marina Bonifacic
Manager of eDiscovery
Royal Bank of Canada

As the Manager of Ediscovery at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Marina’s blended vendor and corporate experience has built a unique and leading Center of Expertise that services multiple departments across the enterprise—including Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, and Corporate Security Investigations. The Center, which oversees the EDiscovery process from identification through to review, also employs an external provider framework that aims at mitigating unnecessary costs and risks.

Marina champions employing technology and best practices to information management, believing it increases efficiency in activities affecting the performance of Ediscovery as a business process. Prior to joining RBC, Marina played an instrumental role at preeminent industry service providers, as well as TD Bank Group. She was an early adopter of leading technologies, and is passionate about building seamless, end-to-end processes for case management that integrate with the broader realities of the business.