Martin Felsky
National E-Discovery Counsel
Borden Ladner Gervais

Martin Felsky is the National e-Discovery Counsel at the Firm. Martin provides the leadership, supervision and coordination of e-discovery projects from inception to completion, including planning, data collection, processing, review, and quality control on a national basis.

Martin has advised clients and counsel in all types of legal proceedings including commercial litigation, class actions, arbitrations, investigations and public inquiries. Martin helped draft the Sedona Canada Principles, which are referenced in the Ontario Rules, and has worked with courts in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Manitoba to develop electronic discovery rules in civil litigation. He has recently been appointed as an auditor for the Alberta Government’s document imaging program.

Martin’s range of expertise includes all legal, strategic and technical aspects of e-discovery, which is quickly emerging as a critical element in all evidence-based processes. For example, Martin has educated lawyers, judges and business executives across the country on such matters as the admissibility of electronic business records, cross-border privacy assurance, and information security policies. His years of hands-on business experience with leading-edge e-discovery cases allow him to provide clients with practical, cost-effective solutions to the challenges of compliance.

Martin has worked extensively with senior executives in large corporations, senior government officials, courts at all levels, and law firms in Canada, the United States and globally.