Pillars of Tomorrow
Friday 12:30 - 1:30pm
Museum Room

How eDiscovery is Reshaping the Practice of Law. It wasn’t long ago eDiscovery was a blip on the radar of most lawyers.   The exponential growth of eDiscovery has been directly correlated with tectonic shifts in the global economy alongside new technology innovations creating a tsunami of data.   We all sense that traditional practices are being eclipsed on some level but it is still hard to connect all the dots; the question on everyone’s mind is where is this all heading?  Join this engaging panel to learn more about the emerging trends contributing to the evolution and maturation of our industry.  What special initiatives are underway in industry associations and educational bodies and what picture do they paint for the practice of law in the not-so-distant future? As the demand for value has placed greater scrutiny upon the practice of law, what service delivery models will be expected and what will be the defining hallmarks of success for clients and law firms alike?  Learn what steps you can take to be proactive and get ahead of the curve in transforming your day-to-day practice.

Mary Mack, Executive Director, ACEDS

David Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer, High Performance Counsel 

Jeff Ward, Director, Duke Center on Law & Technology Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law 

Eric P. Mandel, Vice President, Information Governance & Cyber Security Strategy, Ricoh USA