TAR 2.0
4:00 - 5:00pm
Main Ballroom

Emerging Technologies and Approaches. Canadians are being recognized on the world stage as early adopters when it comes to applying TAR and analytics. As we continue to accept these tools as a mainstay of the discovery and review process, we are getting a glimpse of how far the technology will take us. Top of mind for early adopters is how to establish baseline practices for leveraging the technology while pushing the limits of what can be achieved on a given case. Join two leading experts to learn how to engineer leading-edge TAR tools and workflows to maximize efficiency, insight and confidence on your next case – and get a glimpse of where the technology is taking us.

Maura Grossman, Research Professor, University of Waterloo

Yvette Bula, Senior Director, Discovery Solutions, Commonwealth Legal

Peter Sanford, Client Services Manager, Commonwealth Legal (M)