The Fitbyte Revolution
Thursday 3:10 - 4:00pm
This session contains 45 minutes of Professionalism Content.
Main Ballroom

Dealing with Disparate Data. The cloud, mobile devices, social media and the Internet of Things are increasingly omnipresent in our personal and business lives. Gone are the days of simply “grabbing” data off your server which presents unique opportunities and challenges for accessing, collecting and managing critical evidence across databases and borders. This session will review key strategies and tactics to deal with preservation, security and production issues in this new era. 

Imran Ahmad, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Antigone G. Peyton, Chair, Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Protorae Law PLLC

Eric P. Mandel, Vice President, Information Governance & Cyber Security Strategy, Ricoh eDiscovery US (M)

Dave W. Hendershott, Director of Computer Forensics, Ricoh USA